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Labor Union Peoria IL

Labor Union Peoria IL

The Labor Union Peoria IL Plumbers and Steamfitters Trust

MIMCA (Mid-Illini Mechanical Contractors Association) is a labor union providing labor relations and collective bargaining services. Founded in 1974, we are a multi-employer bargaining unit for members of the Plumbers Local 63 and Steamfitters Local 353. Our specialty lies in providing representation and advice to members in grievance and arbitration matters. We also represent our members in anything from health insurance to job security. As a strong labor union Peoria IL trusts, we demand fairness and equality in the industry for all our hard-working members. Established to promote the commercial and residential plumbing and steamfitting industry in Peoria and surrounding counties, we have your best interests at heart. So, learn how to become a member or choose from a variety of our services. In a nutshell, MIMCA provides many services and opportunities. Thus, these are designed to help your business become more successful and profitable.

In addition to labor union services, we also offer:

  • Fund representation
  • Industry information
  • Networking opportunities
  • Scholarship awards
  • Finally, education
How Our Labor Union Helps
Labor Union Peoria IL

The Mid-Illini Mechanical Contractors Association (MIMCA) is the local voice for the area plumbing and steamfitting industry. We are proud of our diverse membership base. Thus, we cater to anyone from residential plumbing contractors to industrial piping contractors. The freedom to form unions is a basic human right. And as such, we follow the National Labor Relations Act, formed in 1935. Consequently, this ensures employees can form labor organizations to bargain collectively.

We believe there is power in numbers. Thus, we do all we can to secure the best for our plumbers and steamfitters. Our top priority is to develop and maintain highly skilled craftsmen who provide superior quality workmanship. We also provide a variety of networking opportunities. Now, you can meet, interact and form business relationships with your peers in the industry. From collective bargaining services to continuing education for licensed professionals, we are here for you.

Contact MIMCA in Peoria IL About Our Labor Union

So, to learn about membership in our labor union or to ask a general question, please contact us at 309-369-0863. Or, you can email us at or fill out our online form. In conclusion, we are based in Lincoln IL for your convenience.